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If you are a dropout or are interested in leaving school, join our waitlist.

Edyfi is a co-living experience for curious, passionate, and purpose-driven young people.


For three months, you'll join a global cohort in one of our five locations to engage in intentional living, focused work, meaningful relationships, and deep exploration.

We bring together big thinkers and non-traditionalists; technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, advocates, philosophers, and creatives, aligned around a common desire to address the world’s most pressing issues.

Continue your work, studies, research, or creative endeavors in an environment that inspires and challenges.


Support and Resources:

  • Collaborators, users, capital, mentorship, and inspiration
  • Infrastructure and software
  • Mentorship from renown founders, academics, authors, and others


  • House and inter-house community of 100's
  • Place and belonging


  • Knowledge Sharing, Learning Groups, and Book Clubs
  • Demos and Pitch Nights
  • Buildathons and Fireside Chats
  • Outdoor excursions, spoken stories, family dinners, and city exploring

Global Edyfi community

  • Retreats, cross-cohort dinners, and outings
  • Online events
  • Opportunities

Mattea Holt Colberg
Blue whale vocalization researcher at the GEMM Lab, funded by the New Zealand government
Luke Piette
Published neuroscience papers and loves hacking wearables. Building gensight.app, a fan intelligence platform for creators
Saurav Pahadia
Entrepreneur in residence at AI2 Incubator in Seattle. Ran and sold a $50k ARR education business in high school

Application info

Fall 21'

Applications: opening in early June

Price: $700-$2200/month, depending on location and room

Date: End of September/early October - end of December/early January

Starting this Fall, we are awarding the Dissent Scholarship - live for free in any global Edyfi location for two months and receive a $1000 grant to pursue a life-defining endeavor. Learn more.

Summer 21'

Rolling admissions: until June 1, 2021

Price: $700-$2200/month, depending on location and room

Date: End of May/early June - end of August/early September

We give away over $60,000 a year in need-based scholarships. If you cannot currently afford Edyfi, but are a great fit, we will work with you to make it affordable.


In Edyfi Spring '21, we did a poor job on diversity.

For Summer '21, Edyfi is committing to having at least 40% women and non-binary individuals in each house. BIPOC, immigrants, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

We believe that everyone benefits from diverse groups of people coming together and that our community should reflect the population of the regions and countries its members are from. For more information, see the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page.


Who can apply?

Anyone, especially people between 18-23 years old.

Do I need to be technical or a founder to come?

No. We look for people who are deeply curious, passionate, and purpose-driven and who share our values.

Are all people drop outs?

No. Our community has university students, drop-outs, and graduates.

What are the living arrangement?

Book your own room or a shared room. Shared common spaces.

We provide basics: paper towel, toilet paper, common kitchen items, etc...

When do I have to make a decision, if accepted?

There is not set decision date. So as long as you have been accepted and there is an open room in a house, you may book it. We do not know at what time houses will become fully booked, but we advise that you check the bookings page for more information on availability.

Do I get accepted to specific houses?

If accepted, you are accepted to all Edyfi houses. Under certain circumstances, we may temporarily place houses on hold to ensure diversity and gender balance. Otherwise, you may choose from any of our current house offerings for the cohort you were accepted into.

What does the application process look like?

  1. Submit a written application.
  2. Have 1-2 interviews with either current house members or Edyfi's senior leadership (sometimes a 2nd interview is necessary to learn more about an applicant)

After the second stage, you will either be accepted, waitlisted, or asked to reapply for future cohorts. Acceptance rates for the first cohort were just under 10%.

How long does an Edyfi house last for?

Roughly 3 months, depending on location.

What does a typical day at Edyfi look like?

During the day, participants focus on their work or studies. At night and on weekends, there are (non-mandatory) hackathons, outings, cooking, conversations, and more.

What do we care about?

  1. Insatiable Curiosity
  2. Altruism
  3. Benevolence
  4. Collaborative learning
  5. Bias towards action
  6. Difficult conversations
  7. Recursive self improvement
  8. Changed beliefs
  9. Intellectual inquiry
  10. Relentless resourcefulness


Fall '21

Edyfi Brownstone (Manhattan, NY)

10-12 participants

Williamsburg Edyfi House

Other locations coming soon.

Summer '21

Edyfi Agora (Mill Valley, CA)

14-18 participants

Mill Valley Edyfi House

Edyfi Oasis (Daly City, CA)

12-15 participants

Daly City Edyfi House

Edyfi Maison (Seattle, WA)

8-10 participants

Seattle Edyfi House

Spring '21

Salt Lake City, UT

14 participants

Salt Lake City Edyfi House